Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What's up!

I feel down lately. Really down. Why do we have to study Pendidikan Moral? I just don't get it. Like I always say, different people different thought. So when they ask for the nilai and if you think differently, your answers are already wrong! I just couldn't think what the others think. They accept it in this way but I accept that concept in the...other way. So you see. I think differently so I write the nilai that I think 'should' be the answer but it turns out on the other way. I couldn't stand moral.

One more thing, some people really pay attention in class while some others are not. Eg: They are always out from class. Yet they got good results or better results than those who pay attention in class while teacher's teaching. Some people did not pay attention AT ALL in the class always score high marks for their exams. Is this fair? Maybe they study at home, yea, who knows? I DON'T KNOW. Or maybe it's not a suitable time to talk on this topic. For the timebeing, I do not feel good. Anyhow, I did not really study hard for this term. Phwee~ Leo Installation's coming! ^0^


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macam you loh..no need to study also can get the top ='(