Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big mouth-ness?

I do not know where to start. Really. Something bad and unpredictable happened today.

Puan Carol asked : " Why do people change?" after hearing the conversation between me and sum sum and too too. I could not answer back. Somehow, it may be the changing of environment or situation, change of personalities in other people, involvement of somebody in some relationship and more, perhaps.

I suggested that, you will or must figure something out first before throwing booms on that person. I am not saying that you are wrong,maybe is your mentality overcontrolled you that time. Actually everyone was frustrated and fed up at that very moment. So ,we didn't know what to say. Poor people. Maybe she did spill out something accidentally to other people which is kind of unevitable but where did you hear the information from? Have you ever think of those who told you the info is actually eager to break you up with your friend? Fine, couldn't say a thing. She is on the mend i guess. It just happened like that. Unavoidable. It just like a leopard wouldn't change it's spots. It may offended someone and pleased someone but it's none of my business so please, PLEASE don't come to me and say : "who is that person in your XX post and bla". You just read and shut up and leave comment if you wish too.

I accept any inhuman comments. lol. And also, why do people so big mouth? Doesn't mean that bigger size people have bigger mouth but smaller size people do not have big mouth. It just the opposite. I've learnt smart. DO NOT say a thing to those who are big mouth. You could not confirm 100% that she would spill it out. what if you told her and she spread it? You couldn't blame her for her big mouth-ness. It was actually started with yourself. You shouldn't tell her a thing when you know that she is a big mouth type at the very first time.

Anyhow, I still hope that this gang of best friends will not turn into enemies as the chinese saying goes, more friends is better than more enemies. :D

Still remember the poem that I like the most throughout the Chicken Soup Series :

I don't know how to tell,
A good friend from a bad,
We talk behind each other's backs,
Ruining the trust we had;

If they know how it feels,
To have a lover or friend.
Stab their backs with knives,
Why are they so cruel to say
These are the best years of our lives?

*Talk about something pleased. I've learnt how to do moonwalking like Michael Jackson. 90% completed. It just that the steps weren't as smooth as his. Working in progress..


Ena said...

oh dear finally.
I understand.
I think the few weeks she ignored CK evens out wad CK did to LL. I think that it's not even a big secret so forgive and forget la. She think ppl so song wana betray her? Who knows CS jus spreading rumors? She's good at that.
Good la she have new friend she think CK no longer good enough to be her friend. She think CK standard not good enough for her? She herself standard not so high what. Feel bad for CK. Wasted so much time and tears on a perempuan zalim.

I ain't an enigma said...

yeah XD.. HAHAHA