Monday, June 23, 2008

Not much thought

Emhh.I skipped school today due to my menstruation cycle which is so the overflow.Perhaps I'll have to skip tuition at Parish Centre this afternoon.I just remembered.We suppose to have test on scale drawing and linear equations II at tuition.Not sure whether I am going or not.Or maybe I'll just ask the paper from teacher on Thursday since he got class, I also got class.=)Yeah,good idea.Hehe.Nothing much to write.I have not study ANY subject for PMR yet! I know lah.Somebody must have everything on her fingertips already.Why should we memorize?? From what my eldest sister have told me, Australians study pratically.Us?Memorize!

3 Rukun Negara yang terbaru yang diumumkan oleh Y.A.B xxxxx

i) Memorize!




Judith said...

yea.. but still u gota crack ur head and bang ur butt on the chair in order to get a hold in everythingg.. hahaha ~~ sui bian lahh.. my pmr oso rojak rojak memorizeee lidatt... good luck ar u!!

Edith said...

Yea.I know that.Thanks.I'll try my best.