Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dada's birthday party.

I couldn't believe that I drank 2 cups of beer last night at dada's house! I mixed Sprite with the Qing Dao Beer. Walaueh! So nice!!! Ena mixed Cola with that beer, quite nice also.But mine is nicer. Hehe! Thanks to dada's aunty!


Me and birthday girl.

The Chai and birthday girl(first time got chai's photo in my phone)

At Friendship Park

We got = ena--chai--shelly--birthday girl

We got=ena--chai--shelly--me


Anonymous said...

so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

DrEaMm3r_pIsCeS said...

dun get urself drunk... hahaha... :P

Edith said...

shelly-Yea! It's fun!
DrEaMm3r_pIsCeS-hehe.I didn' t but I felt hot that night.XD

DrEaMm3r_pIsCeS said...

Hahaha... HOT... *wheEeeeEeee* :P