Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

I watched Kung Fu Panda last night at 7.30pm.I met Ann Chong and her gang.This is a nice and funny but touching movie.I enjoyed it very much but I also had been suffering ! There was a man who sat in front of me.He was soooo a big-size and talll man. Because of those 'characterisc' in him, I was being blocked ! Actually, I was sitting in the middle.I was supposed to see 90 degrees.Because of him, I was forced to watch the movie by 45 degrees.(something like that, I didn't own a potractor at that time)Oh man! Who will bring a potractor with him/her when go for a movie??Funny isn't it?


Anonymous said...

kung fu panda is out!!!yesterday!!!awwww!!

Edith said...

Yes!!! So nice!!