Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stresssssss! OUT of my life!

I am just soooooo stresssssss about this coming exam!

My goal----Be one of the top 10 in my class!
This is going to be so hard.Not that I didn't do a new timetable, not that I don't have enough time, not that I don't have mood to study, not that I got into a fight with somebody and make me feel bad about it.Hmpph~ So, what's the problem in me???? LAZY? Hope not. But, it is! For instance, I should be studying Tanaman Hiasan From 2 & 3 this afternoon, then here we got a Asian Badminton Match. No choice badminton match is better than studying.Then mum asked: " Who want to use the computer a.k.a Internet??""Me! Me!" said I.Then, surfing the net for almost 1 hour.It's 5.30pm already! What should I do???mamami ar.......No need to study liao...Read Guo Ji newspaper and Utusan Malaysia.I hate to solve those problem. It's! Ya! SOLVING PROBLEM! I HATE IT! gtg lah..chiao! don't know what to do after this....=(

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