Sunday, April 27, 2008

Relationship between noodles and laksa.

My sister and I followed our parents to have breakfast at A One this morning.
We met :

i)Stella Lee

ii)Puan Wong Yann Ming

iii)My ex-English tuition teacher

iv)Mark Ling

After a while ...

Woman : " 这是什么面呀?好吃吗?"

Edith : " 姨姨,这是辣沙呐!那边就是它的店.RM4.50的很好吃。有'haum'.

Woman :"谢谢你呀!"

Edith :"不用."

I think the woman is from Sibu since she told me that the colour of our laksa in Kuching is not the same as her town's.I was liked:"OH!haha"
After I finished eating, the woman still didn't know what to order for her breakfast.It's around 8.30am at that time.Laughing all the way home.=P

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