Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's holiday! Yeep. And we are given tons of homework to do.
What I going to do is to list down our holiday homework so please get your pen and paper ready I mean, for 4SC1 students who didn't have any idea of the homework thing.(especially darling)

-Update your BM Hotspot + LISAN
-Finish the Physics paper given by Pn Rashidah.
-EST-Presentation-(Ask Chai, she's going to decide everything)
-Moral- Kerja amal! and also an essay.
[ title: Peranan rakyat (di)dalam merealisasikan Satu Malaysia]
-Maths- Textbook pg 289 No 1-6
-PSK- Visit to Museum(Ask Chai, she's going to decide everything, too)



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I ain't an enigma said...

Add on! BM lisan!

Chai Yi Wen_小蔡包 said...

sum more teacher said dat we hav to do bookmark for hari kebangsaan