Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You are such a freak!

I never wrote bad words on blog before , i guess. I don't know. Maybe?.But now, I am going to write some. Hold your breath.
I am currently in a not so happy mood.
I am so regret for not taking the Cambridge intermediate test when I was in Form 2. That's what people call stupid.
The rocket and the parachute did not work well.
Somebody even stepped on my parachute and it just penget-ed like that. HELLO??? Chai and I didn't even know who the "murderer" is ! You should apologise what. Damn. Be responsible man.
I feel like killing people now. Or maybe commit suicide enough liao.
Do not feel like studying but what to do.
The future is in your hand /
If you don't study hard hard, what is your job then ? /
It's for your own good /
and bla.
I've heard these things for thousand times ++ already.

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