Monday, April 27, 2009


After suffering for 3 weeks, I finally know how to play Waltz in E flat by Chopin, Op 18. Those 8 pages. What a relief. Madam Chew asked me to try on Waltz in A minor by Chopin, Op 34 No 2. For me, that's the easiest piece out of Chopin's golden collection. Yea. Much much easier compare to the previous one. A total of 6 pages. Emhhh..Must play very slowly because of the 'Lento' up there and full with expression. 0.0
Stephanie asked me to watch MORGAN THEN on youtube. Crazy Piano Player Morgan Then
He played it well. Impressive and talented young guy. He's only 2 years older than me and is an ex-lodgian. So good.




I ain't an enigma said...

oh haha.Thanks :)