Friday, April 24, 2009

Height and Weight

Yesterday our pj teacher helped us to measure our height whereas lala helped to read the weight reading.
I grew up 1cm ! Cheh...166cm. At first they said 168, then gwen said 167 then teacher said 166. Arh! 45 kg. No change. haha. *so proud*. Guess what. Mr Jardian is 179cm tall and his weight is only 59kg. omg. Teacher is taller than my dad and lighter than my dad. 0.0. Chai and I the same height. How could this happen? Haha. jk nia chai. :]
I wrote 4 full pages of BM essay for bahagian B at PBK just now. What a great achievement! Lydia Lim Suk Jing got her essay being printed out by teacher as karangan contoh. Aiyer Aiyer.

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The World 记忆里的空间Of Memory said...

i m like your blog ... hahaa

anyway , this is my 1st time visit here ... gambateh ...haha

I ain't an enigma said...

Thank you thank you. Yours also very nice. Gambateh together :)