Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a day.

Students of certain classes are very abysmal.

Evidence 1:

They pushed prefects hard hard.

Evidence 2 :

They said people 'GILA' without any logical reasons.


Of course not going to say who they are. This is not showing that I despise somebody.

Three days free. Yeh.Tomorrow is school sports day. I am still not so sure whether going to march for jv or not. No transport what. Mum is going to come back after 5, plus, I am going to go for pbk tuition at 6pm.

And many people are showing great excitement when they see Mr Jardian. Ehem Ehem. Especially form 3 girls lah. Haha. Lol. :P But I thought he already got girlfriend. :D

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