Saturday, March 7, 2009


Mavis and I

Went to school for kk this morning.
Us. Leo Adeline Tan hepled me pin the induction badge to my leo vest.

Rabiaal ! (She took for granted all the time ) Gahaha!I've just found out that, my physics tuition teacher, Mr Lee, is actually the daddy of Stella Lee! My sister also found out that, her maths tuition teacher, also Mr Lee,my ex-tuition teacher too, but another one(wonder why so many Mr Lee) is actually a friend of our grandaunty! I have an aunty whose age is the same as my sister.Don't be too shock. I mean usually it happens to quite a number of people right . Haha. She is considered as a cousin to my mum. Weird.

Finished watching Sleeping Beauty. Miss the old good days.
I got my haircut. The barber cut my hair like OMG. I look so immature.
O.O + O>o = DIE


aQiLLah said...

i go 2mr lee for physics to..sri sarjana?

I ain't an enigma said...

Woo ^^ Did you see mavis? You got the same as her. :P (Another mr. lee) hehe