Friday, March 6, 2009

I named it 'Bad'

There is going to have 'Phantom of the Opera' at midnight. one more minute. haha. I want to watch but so sleepy lah. Today we got 3 papers back. Physics, Chemistry, Add Maths. I am not very satisfied with my results. ALL 3 of them.
Chemistry-74%(ONE more mark to A2!)
Add Maths-90%

Dang Add Maths. 10 marks gone! Chai got the same mark as I did. I am her sifu. And we both got the same mark. haha. I am so siasoi. :P I saw my mistake because teacher let me see my paper. I got one careless mistake. You know when you use the "b2-4ac" formula, at the end you have to put (eg) m> +/- 4 . You do know that we have to put the +/- sign don't you!!?? That's great. You nodded. I didn't put! 1 mark times 2 = 2 marks gone. Another one is the graph. Should be 'nike-like' graph!! Not curve graph! Whatta!! 3 marks I think. 3 times 2 = 6 marks gone. Got another 2 marks gone too but not sure came from which question. :(

****SPM results!! 12 March


aQiLLah said...

haiyo...relax man...

I ain't an enigma said...

I am fine dear. :) Trust me!! Buahaha!