Friday, March 13, 2009

It goes on..

I found myself midly depressed. My Pendidikan Moral. I think I got the lowest marks in the class. 63% only. It's a C. Oh you my goody goody. It pulls my purata down to 79++. This is my second time for getting the lowest in class. First time was during kindergarten. I got 0% for my BM spelling test. :( HAha!
EST! Chai said for the essay part, 19 is the highest mark that Ms Susie has given to our class, out of 30. Everyone is like....0.o ! !

>>Happy HolidaY!


Anonymous said...

omg!! EST WHT??? 19 nia?? si liao!! shhoott!! teacher marked it all edy? and get 19 nia?? OMG!! faints*

I ain't an enigma said...

19 out of 30 is the highest score that ms susie has given to our class. NOT more than 19. *scream*.Finish marking loh. She said she finished 4 red pens. o.o