Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Everything..that..happened..was so strange. In an twinkling of an eye.I know that blog is a place where you can be the real you, express your own opinions and views.Unfortunately, since things happened so fast, I really don't know where to start to express my feelings. I am not complaining nor cari gaduh. No misundertandings please.If you read this, I am very glad. You happy, I happy, everyone's happy.
I got a fight with my mum just now.Yea.Don't be shock.She scolded me with those words I never like to hear.What can I say?? To Miss Lee Wan Ting Judith:Do you dare to tell mummy??Habislah you if you ask her.I really have to admit that I am not a 100% child.I am not that bersopan-santun anyway.
I am going to get my science tuition test paper this coming thursday. I know that she will beat me for sure. Last test I bet her.Yea.I really cannot understand why my marks is always up-down-up-down.When I mean up, I can really shot up.But as for down, I can really shot down.I've really studied hard for my electricity.Very sure with the principles.Did a lot of exercises.Why do I get?I don't know.I do care for my marks.During the test, I saw some questions that are about the formula, eg: R=R1+R2 (in series). Ok.That came to my mind.Then I got all messed up.I kept asking myself silly questions. 'Do they want everything plus together or this plus this equal to that then minus again??' While doing exercises at home, I was ok.During the test I was very panic and my mind went blank.I felt like crying but what for?It doesn't help me anything.So yea. I did my revision on that chapter almost 15 times.What do I get? Going to know on thursday.If I got 90 and above, I am glad, at least I can maintain between 90 and 100.If I got 80-90, I shall be very dull.I do tried hard.I really want to get straight a's for pmr.Who knows?Future is in your hand.Don't believe me? According to a person who doesn't believe in feng shui, he told me to hold your hand(sorry, english ot good-it means to make your hand as in you want to tumbuk somebody).Then, why do you see in your hand? A lot of the 'feng shui lines' right? This told us that 'feng shui' is in our hands.Yea.It's 2318 hours right now.kk.I go sleep liao.=)
Thanks for reading.