Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stadium Perpaduan Negeri

Today, Rachel, Stephanie, Kher Ching and I followed Pn Yuhanek(?)'s car to the Stadium perpaduan Negeri,Petra Jaya with Pn Chin.We were so lucky! We sat in air-conditioned car which was so cooling us down.On our way back to school, I told Rachel that I watched The Sims 2 Titanic on, I asked her to go and have a look.Then, I sang My Heart Will Go On.And 3 of them kept laughing! Till now I also don't know why.Did I sing out of tune?? Suddenly, here we got a car of Angmo inside there! I told Kher Ching.We were so lucky again!She said:
"My dear! Why happen to you?"
"Huh??What happen to me?"
"You look so sakai!Never see angmao hah?"
"Aiyo,long time didn't see angmo liao mah!"
"-nothing to say-"
( I won)=)
Tomorrow we are going to skip school! Hahah! I feel so happy. Because Thursday is the worst day of each week.8 different periods leh! Who can stand that??!!After 1pm, go back to school and I have to attend my tuition class at Parish Centre.Sien.Got the same class with the bidayuh who loves to flirt around.

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