Monday, May 26, 2008

Menmade sperm cells and an ovum.

Before I explain anything about the "menmade sperm cells and ovum", allow me to write something that happenend at lunch time.My family(excluded my daddy),my aunty and I went for ice-kacang at Crown Square.I ate a bowl of snow-white.It didn't look 'white' enough for me.Wow,it costs RM4.80 per bowl.


"Siak mi?!"

(Expression of four of us after the girl told us that the price was RM19.20)Morever, the ice-kacang didn' t even taste nice.I prefer the Chung Hua No.3 Ice Kacang.Tasty and Cheap.

This is how the ice-kacang looks like.

Thanks to Rachel Lee who did the menmade sperm-cells-and-ovum-above when tuition was going on.

And I captured a photo of Mr Lee's teaching when Rachel's doing her 'work'.

This guy is so handsome!! Has anyone met him before?


Anonymous said...

expensive ice-kacang ler..wad u order??ho liao ar??

Edith said...

White-lady.I hate Crown Square for that.SURELY bankrupt one day.=)