Wednesday, November 16, 2011

eap done. maths tomorrow.

OKk done with eap :) 5 more papers to go.
So stress about maths. Back in form 5, I feel grateful to be able to score well in both maths and add maths papers. People always told me back then, hey you are a chinese, if you don't do well in other subjects, no worries, BUT better do well in maths. But now...I feel so damn stress. I finished all the past year questions, read through lecture notes, I still feel insecure. I asked our college admin few days ago...If I want to get into biomedicine or science, oh the entry scores are 87 and 80 respectively. I am stress cause if chemistry was in my best 4 scores, my marks are totally gonna pull down by chemistry. I never wanted to sit for hoi exam. but it is my second highest scores. I am not even prepare for the hoi exam--what extracts what thinker. lol btw I chose darwin and yes my friend is right, he was one crazy old man. my average score now is 84. got that odd feeling that my brain is heating up. you know, parents pay a whole lots of $$ for you to study abroad and yet you only manage to get into science? sooo, for people who are reading this, thanks for reading, and if you are having an exam now or sooner, better start your revision earlier. no matter how busy you are. :) 

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