Thursday, June 4, 2009


Having some network connection problem which got me really fed up. Went to Starbucks in the morning to try to connect. It was a YES at first. It turned up to be a NO in the end. Gave up. Haha. Went home. And bla bla everything.Finally people from Telekom came and solved the problem. Network problem was solved but now it is the CPU problem.Kena tiok virus. Have to send it to Jackie to reformat. :( .
I really miss the camp. I cried twice during the camp. It was on the "Appreciation Night" and " Closing Ceremony". Oh mummy!~ Cried my heart out. Thanks to Louis for giving me a roll of toilet paper.For more information, please kindly log on to
On the third night.
Last day- Sharon, Lin Mei, Meredith, Me, Lin JingAh Bong, Me, Li Jing


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