Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last Sunday, my sister and I went to watch High School Musical 3 started at 7pm , finished at 9pm. Then, my parents, my sister and I went for the second movie named " Butterfly Lovers " which started at 9.15pm and finished at 11pm.
This is me.I.Edith Lee Wan Yin.( only can see my two eyes!)"[You're my sunshine, My always sunshine..You make me happy...."]
Yesterday was the perhimpunan khas day. You come to school just to receive prizes.Stayed for 5 hours.And it's only take 10 seconds for you to come up to the stage, shake hand say thank you, then walked down. So sad right?

Azreen, Rabiaal and Zalikha

Zalikha and I

Me, Rabiaal

*When will we get our school magazine!!!!???* :(


aQiLLah said...

thanks 4d pic..nice one...finally..i brg hp since we cn today...2muvies in a day?wow!!

Enigmatic teenager said...

U're wecome my dear. =p
Finally you brought ur phone to school. very tiring...

Enigmatic teenager said...

typing error.