Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh no!

Maybe I am not going to get straight a's.Hey, don't tell me, "choi","you will get straight de ah" and"no lah". I really got a feeling. I didn't do well in the kh-pk paper today. Surprise huh? I studied last minute for kh. I think I am getting a B for kh.=).Before this, I really did not study for kh, I concentrated more on sejarah and geography. For sej, I got 7 questions' answers not the same as ena. If she got all correct, then I am getting a 53 correct, that means==I got 88%! Wohoo! I love that number! 888888888,so nice.I really did lots of careless mistakes for kh. Don't be surprise if you see me crying when I get my PMR results ya...=D

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