Friday, October 17, 2008


At 2 o'clock, after Linda came to my house, I started do cleaning. In my study room. At first, it was as messy as this::Then, after 45 minutes of hardwork, it became..:

Unfortunately, my sister got into a BIG trouble. She has to take over ALL my blooks. haha....I ran up and down just to carry the books from my study room to her study room upstairs. After running approximately 20 rounds, her study room became like:

Haha...After that went to Spring. I bought a book at MPH.Named "It's a kind of magic" by Carole Matthews. =D
Before PMR, I remembered that I asked my aunty to help me buy 3 chinese novels when she's travelling to Taiwan. I am not allowed to read those books unless PMR is over and they are kept by my parents. I finished reading one of them this morning when I reached home. So nice!!
Going to Parish Prize Giving tomorrow.Get prizes.


Letitia said...

can i borrow the book after u're done??

Enigmatic teenager said...

the 'it's a kind of magic'?Sure!

Tharaka Devinda said...

ROFL. and you call that cleaning.?
Thats moved all the books to your sis. :P

Anyway, its feels really good after a heap like that is cleaned. :D

Enigmatic teenager said...

She'll use those books next year because she's just one year younger than me.Hence, my mum advices me to "pass" my reference books to my sister. =)