Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello peeps!
In case you haven't noticed, March is here!
And it's freaking cold and windy in melbourne here :(
I seriously like cold weather, but not thissss cold
(eg : the temperature hits 15.4 degree celsius today--it's crazy)

I realized that I did have so much fun in orientation compared to that in lectures.
Besides, I would have to do 100m sprint if I'm late for class.
Reminder : the campus buildings are scattered around in the city so sometimes I might get lost.
Luckily we've got a map at the last page of our student diary but it only helps a little.

And hwee... if the breeze was strong enough just now, I would not be sitting at my table now and posting this blog post because I nearly got blown away by it! No kidding. It's true.

A lot of weird names appeared in Chemistry though. It's freaking me out.
Well... I think that's all for now. Yes! I've only got 2 classes tomorrow!
I know I know... some may think that I'm showing off and being proud to be here in melb.
Honestly, I do not feel that way.
I understand that, sometimes I do feel a bit offended when I was half-way reading through people's blogs. For instance, they post things up like how good is Aus or NZ compared to Malaysia and stuff. Nah. I seriously do not feel it that way--trust me :)
I thank my parents for giving me a chance to further my studies here. and I appreciate it.

Good day! I love the bubble tea here!

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