Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY 2010-Part 3

What a feverish day! In the morning, we went to visit uncle's house and grandma's house at Tapah. Sent Meredith to Spring after that to meet with her friends. My aunt and I went to MBO to buy some tickets for tonight. What the? The queue was really long. VERY long. =) So we left. At 2.45pm, Linda, Ena and boyfriend, Shelly,Mavis,Clare,Ann, Sarah and Jess came over to my house. ( Thanks guys! ) Mum's ex-students came after that. Only remember a few, like Jesslyn, Karen and Rachel. =) Oh-ooh. My temple friends were here after 10 minutes. Served them Heineken. Everyone left at 5 something. My mum, aunty and I made a move to Star Cineplex and bought 5 tickets for the movie-The Little Big Soldier. Chaio People~ Happy CNY once again!

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